In the beginning... was the bet

The Book of Mormon meets The Life of Brian, with a side order of The Rocky Horror Show

Roll Over Jehovah! tells the story of humanity's development from the Garden of Eden to the present day – in two acts. Lucifer and Jehovah agree on a bet. Jehovah believes humanity will use free-will wisely, Lucifer predicts chaos. If Lucifer wins, he gets to be the next Creator. The songs are often rooted in satire, and the show is a treasury of lively sing-along melodies; we are also treated to several emotional ballads, for both male and female voices.

This show is a unique form of entertainment incorporating a wide spectrum of music and dance forms, with the potential for circus-style performance, large-scale puppetry, and visual spectacle, but also able to be performed on a small scale with a minimal set and small cast.

What we are looking for

Having already been produced to critical acclaim, it is our hope that the new and improved™ version of Roll Over Jehovah! will be produced in a larger venue and/or tour nationally. We are therefore seeking a producer who can take the project forward.

Read reviews of the original 2000 production and a synopsis of the show, download a few of the fabulous songs and find out about the show's authors. Contact us to find out more!