Sample songs

Guitar God

I'm God

Act One opener. Curtain rises on the dawn of creation, showing Heaven above (occupied by Jehovah, Lucifer, Gabriel, and other angels) and Earth below (as the Garden of Eden, complete with Adam, Eve, and the Tree of Knowledge). Jehovah leads this up-tempo Vegas-style rock number. This is a big song and dance number involving the whole Chorus and establishes Jehovah as Top God in the universe. This song is reprised by Lucifer at the opening of Act Two, with suitably adjusted lyrics.

Original version, performed by Will Shaman.

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Act Two. Sung by Sigmund Freud, who is showing off his own brilliance as the inventor of psychoanalysis and new diagnoses — especially ones with long names.

Original version, performed by Will Shaman.

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Fingers of Time

Act Two. Sad ballad sung by Jehovah, who has just admitted defeat to Lucifer.

Original version, performed by Thor Kristinsson, who created the role of Jehovah on the London stage.

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